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Innovation & Digital Transformation

Leveraging emerging technologies to create
and scale amazing digital solutions

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We Are Spartans

An entrepreneurial and creative team of experts focused on emerging technologies. Developing ROI-driven tech products is our passion, and we collaborate with leading startups and enterprises around the world. By joining early, we identify the pain points and offer relevant, concrete solutions





Operations expert in the worlds

of tech companies and people affairs. Heading our people growth processes and overseeing Recruitment, ongoing operations, and nurturing of our most precious asset - the team. 

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LIOR (aka Leo)


A serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience leading large scale digital products and digital transformation processes. Expertise in the worlds of AI implementation, visual technologies, and UX.

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A seasoned entrepreneur with vast experience in the fields of Sales, Online Marketing, and International Growth. Maya is leading the growth process in Spartans and onboarding key clients to our clientele.



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In-house Products

Our strategy as a company combines innovation-as-a a service for large companies and incubation of products that grow to

self-sustainable sister companies.

 AI-Powered Candidate   Screening & Assessment 

Jenna, screening candidates on a scale was never easier. Our conversational screening platform offers companies hiring in high volume a perfect solution to screen, filter, and identify their future stars.

#Machine Learning

#Natural Language Processing

 Virtual Reality Upsell Powered   by Artificial Intelligence 

A state of the art SDK that allows VR creators to add upsell logic to their commercial Virtual Reality projects. Our technology drives the user to engage financially in a VR environment.

#Machine Learning

 Augmented Reality Luggage   Measurement 

A turn-key Web Augmented Reality solution for smart airline companies looking to offer their customers a smart luggage measurement solution, including gaining a powerful new revenue and data stream.

#Augmented Reality

#Machine Learning

In-House Products

Fields Of Expertise

We are a team of creators that provides turn-key software development services that add value to your business. Contact us today and transform your organization with emerging technologies.

Development of communication-driven platforms including Video, Audio with implementations of Artificial Intelligence Language Skills.

Wide experience with conversational interfaces for voice and text. Including semantic analysis, complex flows, and various integrations of NLP/U capable components. 

We have developed significant experience in developing unique and advanced SaaS systems that include core capabilities, payment, support, etc.

Engaging & Interactive, Web-Based Augmented Reality experiences for business and Enterprises. From product AR Tryon for Retail to complex AR experience for Education and employee training.

With a range of VR-related capabilities, we learned to excel in complex VR environments where employee training and onboarding plays a part. We provide a full process until delivery.



State-of-the-art artificial intelligence models to predict trends and automate processes. Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Computer Vision. 

Our Nominations:

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About Us

A team of innovation experts utilizes years of experience in technological entrepreneurship to innovate faster and effectively 

Since 2016, Spartans Technologies combined innovation-as-a-service operation, and product innovation focused on edge technologies. We leverage emerging technologies to create, scale and propel outstanding digital solutions.

Our team members are chosen according to their skill-set and experience and their passion for technologies and innovation. This skill set allowed us to implement edge technologies successfully into a wide range of companies.

Our client list ranges from Fortune 500 to well-known startup companies.

Spartans is the rocket ship. We experiment, move fast, optimize, and
build products that become companies.

Our values are:



We're Here For You.

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Are you ready for a new challenge?

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